Camera lens cover cracked/dented


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Jun 22, 2012
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I discovered today that the cover over the lens on my Droid X has been cracked and dented inward. I have no idea how it happened; I didn't drop it, and even if I did, I have a rubber cover on my phone so it would have had to fall on something pointy because the cover sits higher than the lens cover.

The lens is undamaged, it's just the (plastic?) cover over top of it. When I try to take pictures, it's blurry because the cover dips inward.

I called the major Verizon store/center in my area and they said they do not do repairs like that, just troubleshooting repairs.

I am eligible for an upgrade but I really don't need to upgrade right now; I am happy with my Droid X. I just think that something as simple as the lens cover should be able to be fixed somewhere.

Please help. Don't know what to do and can't take pictures because they're blurry.

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