Camera/Gallery Issues. Please help!


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Feb 22, 2011
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I recently flashed Liberty 1.5 onto my DX and I'm having a few issues with the camcorder and the gallery. Whenever I open the camera, everything is fine and i can take pictures. When I switch to the camcorder, the app fc's after about 3 seconds. Also, my pictures will not show up in my gallery. I also can't view videos on youtube. It shows "There was a problem playing the video" for every video.
I also flashed RubiX Focused to see if this would change, but the problems were still happening.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Well, I was going to suggest you switch to the Blur Camera and Blur Gallery since you were on Liberty...then I noticed you switched to I am effectively useless...:)

Check the Rubix ROM Forum and see if anyone in there is having the same issue, and for a possible fix...

My only other advice...the next time you are on a ROM and start having issues, stay on that ROM long enough to see if the Dev or other users of the ROM can offer some help. Switching ROMs so quickly is liable to make this a bigger mess than it needed to be...

Hope you get it fixed either way...