Call of Duty: Black Ops


Jun 30, 2010
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[video=youtube;OtRnpC7ddv8]"]Call of Duty: Black Ops - World Premiere Uncut Trailer [/video]

Anyone all hyped up about this game? I know I am. This game is going to Rock!
All ready pre-ordered...may even take a couple (sick) days from work.
Same here, I can't wait till it comes out!

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Hope its better than MW2. I love that game but the players and killstreaks were getting real annoying. Have had it preordered for a few months now. I love to snipe.
The M40 was my favorite weapon in cod4 no acog that's just stupid. Also favorite rifle was the m14 with acog or red dot. I miss that gun.
PS I sniped you.
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I am exited but I hope that everyone doesn't run around with pain pills or juggernaut and a grenade launcher like in mw2 :icon_evil: Here is another trailer [video=youtube;Gi7pWCA_3Cg][/video]
When I get board I just pistol people. :) My best game like that was 18 and 9 carrying both the desert eagle and the gold DE. Fun times.

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no quick-scoping on black ops, kinda disappointed
Anyways here's the launch trailer for black ops.
OHHH YEA! Im hyped :icon_ banana:Turning in my vacation sheet in today. I pre-ordered the Prestige Edition. Ive always wanted a remote control car with a cam. The day is almost here.

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I'll be suffering from Blackopsitus and my sons are getting great grades so I'm letting them stay home as well and join me at the midnight release at gamestop...... I was very impressed with what Treyarch did with World at War.
Maybe someone can come up with a theme for CoD Black Ops.....that be real sick. Show up at the midnight release with ur Black Ops theme. Theirs an app in the market showing killstreaks and weapons.
If you type black ops on market there is a paid theme for it but my market is still not download I used my friends Samsung moment and attempted to download from market anyone know y

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