brother in law in a coma

May 29, 2013
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west jefferson n.c
Guys I know this is a droid forum but today is a sad day for me, my brother in law is in a coma and it don't look like he's going to make it, we will know in the morning after they thaw him out and see if he will regain consciousness, he has 2 wonderful boys who need and love him dearly so I ask that could you kepp him in your prayers please, his name is Jamie styles...thank you
Very sorry for the bad news. "Thaw him out"? Found up in the mountains covered in snow?

Not religious, but I'll be sending positive thoughts your family's way.
No, when they revived him he did not regain consciousness, so they induced a coma by freezing him , they are going to try and see if he comes to after they thaw him out...thank you though
Ohhh ok, never heard of that kinda term before. Hope everything turns out ok...

If you are anywhere near him and his family, please be that figure that his boys can look up to. They'll especially appreciate it during this difficult time.
If it's any help last year a co-worker had a massive heart attack and essential died. They chilled him and put him in a coma for days. He had some minor disability when he woke up. Now he walks with a cane but is other wise fine. Good luck and don't give up hope yet.

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Sorry to hear that. Hope everything turns out well

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I hope your doing alright man. Losing someone is never easy.

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Sorry for your loss....

Always here to talk if you need it. Take time to be with your family.