Broken S7 or S7A back glass? Contact NOW!

Miami Son

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Feb 23, 2017
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Hey folks, after the glass over my S7A camera mysteriously broke within the first month I came to find out that this is a fairly common occurrence for this phone and many owners have had the same problem. Both AT$T and Samsung refused to fix what appears to be a manufacturing defect. I have been in touch with a law firm that is preparing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of S7 and S7A owners whose back glass has shattered through no fault of their own and either paid to have it repaired or been refused repair by Samsung.

You can go to their website and fill out the info form online.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Shattering Camera Lens Covering - Keller Rohrback-Complex Litigation Law Firm

There are way too many of us with this problem for it to be simple owner error.
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