Boost+ Ram Cleaner App Coming To Future HTC Devices?


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Oct 6, 2011
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Some of the lesser known foreign phones are the worst at bogging down an already low memory device with bloatware. One of the most popular types of apps you'll find on these devices is a Ram Cleaning app. On these devices that normally only have 1-2GB of ram these apps can actually be relatively useful. The only problem is they take up precious storage space and are often baked into the system so they can't be easily uninstalled.

HTC is apparently testing such an app to possibly include in future versions of HTC Sense. The Boost+ app is a Ram Cleaning app. You can test the app via the Preview Program. You might want to think twice before using such an app. Clearing your Ram could hurt your device's performance and battery life more than it helps since your phone has to reload everything from scratch.

via AndroidPolice