Blueware on Droid


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May 1, 2010
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Does anyone know if the Blueware software is compatible on the Motorola Droid? It says the software won't work on phones that aren't equipped with Java, Symbian, or Windows operating system. Does the Droid have any of these?
Java is the heart of android... now as to weather or not that will work is still a question...
Well if the software says that it will run with Java it should work then right? I mean if Java is the heart of the Droid then it should support it right?
It's not likely to work. The Java referred to is the embedded version and is somewhat different from what our phones use.
Ok thank you. If you ever hear of someone using this software successfully on the Droid please let me know. I just got this phone and I'm trying to keep tabs on my business partners. They're close friends of mine but in business everyone is out to further themselves so we're all trying to keep an eye on each other. Just a system of checks and balances you know. Thanks again.