Bluetooth Issues


Dec 10, 2009
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My bluetooth is not turning on! grr I have tried it thru settings wireless & network settings, but it wont turn on! I also have the power control widget, and it still wont turn on that way... I have never done a battery pull and I really dont want to. I have powered it on and off and still nothing... should I take it in??? :icon_ nono2:
If yuo pull the battery you will not be losing any data. Do that first to reset the hardware. If that fails take it in.
I have the same issue. Have you found a solution for it? I don't want to power-cycle my device every time this happens (at least 2x a day).


bringing thread back from the dead.

I have the same issue. BT will work perfectly all day. I turn it off when I get home and in the morning turn it back on again. After a couple days of that it just refuses to turn on and I have to reset the device. I'm using the beautiful BT widget to turn it off/on.
I'm experiencing this issue with Setting Profile application.
My basic workaround is just to keep it on all the time...
Yeah, that's what I do, just keep it on. It doesn't seem to drain the battery too much. Sorry for the stupid solution...