Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Rezound


Mar 12, 2012
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I am looking for a wireless controller to use with my rezound so i can play games on my tv without having to stand in front of it. Also some games would just work better with a true controller.
I have seen talk of Wiimotes and PS3 controllers, but time and time again i see that they do not with the Bluetooth of Sense.
So i came across a controller from game-stop that is supposed to work with the rezound, but the reviews aren't clear about whether this will work on a stock rezound or does it need to be rooted?
Has any one had any luck with any controllers for the Rezound.

here is the link for the game-stop remote i was referring to.
Tablet Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Android | GameStop

I did a quick search through threads so i apologize if this has been covered,. i couldn't find it.
I have not tried anything, but i will look into that App, and the controllers that are compatible. Thanks.