Bluetooth connection and Data usage


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Feb 2, 2013
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Hi,I have a 3 month old uk spec Razr Maxx which has been upgraded to the 4.0 operating system,prior to this the phone worked perfectly well.Since then however the phone will now connect to any Bluetooth system but wont allow the call register or phone book to be accessed by the Bluetooth,the phone is constantly being asked for allowance by the Bluetooth system,the problem occurs with several Bluethooth devices
Also the phone is using my Data allowance up within a day despite me not actually using the phone-its just on stand by!-as I am not a heavy data user 100mb is fine for me.I have a sim card in that is over 15yrs old and has now been cut down to the micro Simm spec by cutter by hand.I have performed a factory re- set as instructed by Motorola,they advise me to simply buy a bigger data package as that phone will use data on stand by esp. with the better operating system then upgrade the software on my Parrott Bluetooth system.They now refuse to acknowledge my e-mails.I simply want the phone to work as it should,I feel its no big ask,hope you can help.P.