Bluetooth Audio Question


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Oct 23, 2017
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Hello All, I used to have a Galaxy A5 and I had it paired to my Aftermarket Pioneer Radio in my car. I always left my Radio on the bluetooth source so when ever I got in to my car the radio would turn on sync to my phone and automatically start what ever the last music App that I had loaded on the phone. Usually Pandora or the google Play app. I never even had to take my phone out of my pocket. Skip forward to my new phone the Galaxy S6. I have my phone paired to the same pioneer head unit. I still leave it on the bluetooth source and it still syncs to the phone but now it won't auto play the last music App. unless I pull my phone out of my pocket and press the play icon on the screen. I thought this was a setting in the radio but don't see it and also did some light digging around in the phone settings but I can't figure out how to enable this feature or confirm that this is still a feature. could anyone provide some advise on how to get this working again? Any Help would be greatly appreciated.