Blizzard is Considering Porting Starcraft and Other Titles to Mobile


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Dec 30, 2010
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For any of you folks who view gaming on PCs fondly (either currently or in the past), this latest news might be a nice bit of nostalgia. According to Blizzard president and co-founder Michael Morhaime, senior vice president and co-founder Frank Pearce, and senior vice president Chris Metzen, the gaming company is considering porting their Starcraft franchise to the Mobile world.

So far, Blizzard's greatest (and only) success on the mobile platform is the Hearthstone collectible digital card game for Android and iOS. Beyond their focus on that product the executives shared they are not working on any new IP for mobile, but they are toying around with the idea of porting older Blizzard titles. Their first example was the ultra-successful Starcraft RTS.

They had a great deal more to say during the session, including that the company does not intend to focus on VR for some time. Feel free to check out more at the source link below.

Who else thinks Starcraft, Diablo or Warcraft would be awesome on a tablet or smartphone?

Source: VentureBeat
I would be completely down for this. I would even be up for getting a full tablet if the new releases would be offered on this platform.
Woudl love the RTS Warcraft games and Diablo and Diablo 2. Man those were some fun games.

I do have them still too in my account. But on tablet would be great.
I would love to get Starcraft on my phone or tablet. I remember when the game first came out, I was not "mature" enough to play it without going to work late the next day because I would be playing it all night. I would come into work with red eyes and bags. I looked like I was in Fight Club. Man, those were the good 'ole days.

P.S. Yes, I know we do not talk about Fight Club.
Frankly, I'd love to see a port of the original Warcraft and Warcraft II.
I echo everyone's suggestions for ports. I still play Diablo 2 religiously on my PC. I load a new character every once in a while. This would c really get me back into it.

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I play Diablo 3 a ton. I had a few amazing characters in Diablo 2 and forgot to log in once to keep them active and lost it all. That game used to be brutal for getting gear.

In college, I used to stay up night after night playing Diablo 2 with my roommates and missed many classes because of it. Blizzard has one formula right, the formula for addiction to their games.
Played starcraft and the expansion brood war religiously years ago. Along with the rts element it offered UMS (use map settings) multilayer mode which were basically user created mini games or defense games. I am all over this if they port and will be willing to pay if that's the model they choose.

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