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Jan 26, 2012
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Does anyone know why the screen goes blank while viewing some of my emails?
I have the same problem sometimes and have no idea why
Same problem here. No real pattern to when it does it. Pain in the $%%* cause I can't view the contents of the email after this happens except on my computer.
You are right. When the screen whites out it never comes back. Even after the app is closed and reopens. Just a blank white screen.
Must not happen to many other phones by looking at this thread.

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Couple more thoughts on this.

This is doing this on my Yahoo account. Hasn't happened yet on my Gmail acct, but I don't use it nearly as much as my Yahoo. Also seems to be only since last Update. I'm totally stock. Never did it before then.
Had same issue.. I deleted my Yahoo account.. Then set it back up.. Go into settings, and uncheck auto download message.. Now when you see your Yahoo mail, you'll notice a get remaining 2k box at end. Dont click it. Most of time the emails will disappear.. So far, I've had no emails disappear... Hope this helps...

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