Bionic sound issues


Dec 10, 2010
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I have noticed since my upgrade to ics I experience issues when it comes to sound volumes. I set a smart action to turn off all volumes while at work. But sometimes the volumes will not turn back on. Right now, my media volume will not turn back on. Rebooting the phone is sometimes the only way for me to get my sound fully back. Is this a known issue with stock? And if so, will a system wipe and reinstall fix it? Or root and rom? Because i really am getting tired of fighting with my sound volumes 5 days a week.


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Jul 16, 2012
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Raleigh, NC
Well, I've never seen this in the bionic so my help may be minimal but, did you do a factory reset after you went to ics. After making a major os change like that it is highly recomended that you do a factory reset.
Something else you might wanna try is wiping the cache..

Step 1: power your bionic down

Step 2: hold volume up, down, and power simultaneously

Step 3: use the volume down to navigate to "recovery," use volume up to select

Step 4: you will get a screen with a triangle with an exclamation point, next to an Android. Press volume up and down simultaneously

Step 5: use the volume rocker to navigate to "wipe cache" and use the power button to select.

Step 6: after it has finished, use the volume rocker to navigate to "reboot system now" and use the power button to select.

Let me know how this goes.. I'll continue to look for solutions.


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Feb 25, 2013
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I have have issues with losing sound occasionally. I'm not sure if this is related to smart actions or using a lapdock, but the last time it happened i investigated it and found that for some reason the phone volume was tied to the media volume so that when i put the phone on vibrate it would also silence the media volume too. I turned the phone volume on low to get media sound, after a while they worked independently again. I have a lapdock that i use to read news websites at lunch and i listen to internet radio through headphones at work all day and i use smart actions for work, home, and at night, and low power. So i'm not sure what specific software or hardware combination might be causing it since i basically have the same routine most days.