Bionic - FB Sync


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Dec 20, 2009
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OK after getting the Bionic I noticed I was missing a lot of contacts and apparently my facebook contacts that were synced before are no longer there. I have downloaded the FB for Android App as I had with my previous Droid phone.

I saw another post on the forum where someone gave the directions to fix this by Go into My Accounts - Choose Add Account -You will see an icon for Facebook (If you have the Facebook app installed you will see 2 icons). -Click the icon (if nothing happens, you chose the Facebook app which no longer works, select the other one). - Add your Facebook Login information. -If will ask you if you want to sync ALL Contacts or Just sync to contacts you already have. Choose the appropriate choice and select OK.

The problem I am having is those directions did not work for me. Yes I have (2) fb icons when i went into "My Account - Add Account" One has a green check mark on it when I tap on it a pop up appears saying "You can only have one active facebook service account at a time" but it is not showing up in "My Account". hen I tap on the other icon (without the green check mark) nothing happens.

Anyone have an idea?
I would uninstall the android FB app, then go back into your accounts and login with the blur FB app. after you have signed in with it then you can d/l the Android FB app again. Im pretty sure that will fix it.
Actually I just re-checked and it must of populated because all of the FB pics are now showing in my contact list.... thanks