Best Music Player?

May 17, 2010
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IMO it would be PowerAMP due to ONE feature other players don't have. That being when you unplug your headphones it pauses (which lots have) BUT the part others don't have is resume on plugging headphones back in (without pressing play).

At first glance this might not seem like a major feature, but I do a lot of audio book listening on my phone, and sometimes android doesn't read them quite right and will end a file early, like a 45+min file sometimes will show up as 5:23 or something like that... I dunno what it is that causes this, it's only sometimes BUT it's super annoying. The reason PowerAMP is able to deal with these is because in stead of when it hits 0 seconds left in a song it starts going negative into "what's left" BUT not even that is what makes the dif, because if I pause it while it's in the negative (most of the album) when I PRESS play it''ll go to the next song because it's in the neg. HOWEVER with the resume on plug-in feature it's not actually PRESSING play, so it can continue playing a song even after it's in the negative...

So my main reason of posting this is to find out if there are any other music players people know of that have this resume on plug-in feature like PowerAMP does, or will I be forced to pay the $5 for the pro version, which I'm trying to avoid :eek: