Best Battery life? Battery life for Liquid? 2nd init


Nov 11, 2010
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Ive been running CM7 for a while now, basically since they got most of the bugs worked out on froyo. Ive always struggled with the poor battery life on it though. Ive been on the GB one, with Jakes mods, without, nothing helps. So Im wanting to try some different ROMs too even just to see what else is out there. I ran that ICS MIUI test that just came out for a few hours, but there were too many issues with it
yet. Plus dont know if I liked the MIUI layout either. So I flashed my backup of CM.

So I just flashed Liquid 3.1 to see how that is. Hows the battery life on that?

It was between that or Apex which I hear is really good, but its also not 2nd init. I was a little afraid of flashing that and then not being able to go back to a 2nd init ROM easily if I wanted to.

So what ROMS have the best battery life?

What 2nd init ROMS have the best?

Also another question, how much of a difference does a 2nd init ROM make? I would think quite a bit, I remember when I went from Liberty 2.0 to CM7 it was like night and day. I wouldnt want to give up the expra performance on 2nd init if I dont have to.