Become A Social Media Star With The New Famous App!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Famous is an invitation only experience for Android and iOS that allows you to experience the rise to fame first hand! In this app you use both your social and gaming skills to rise to the top. The way this works is you earn hearts when other people become "your biggest fan". Once they become your biggest fan they are allowed to collect hearts until someone else becomes your biggest fan.

In order to raise your own fame factor you can play the game. There are sections within the app "Fam, Famous, Rising, and New". You can browse the sections for people with less flames, become their biggest fan, and collect hearts until someone tops you. If you are already famous this app will prove it. I watched the Star Wars account go from 1,000 flames to 2,500,000 flames in about 10 minutes! Grab this fun and unique app from the link below.