Beautiful Widgets weather -- manual vs. geolocation


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Jul 21, 2010
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I know this is like the millionth Beautiful Widgets thread, and also like the million thread about weather. But I think I have got an interesting issue here, and can't find too much discussion about it thus far.

The weather portion of BW works terrifically if I put in my location manually. But I'd like to be able to use geolocation and have it work. If I use geolocation, it gets inaccurate data; primarily, I notice that the temperature doesn't update. Here's the weird thing, though: geolocation /is/ getting my location correctly! It just doesn't download the data properly, even though if I manually set the location to the same thing, it works fine...that doesn't make any sense to me at all. Has anyone had this issue / does anyone know what to do about it? Thanks in advance!
I live in such a small town that accuweather has no idea what it is. sitting in my house if i use the gps it bounces between four different cities. i loved the old forcast company whomever they were. ever since it was switched to accuweather i can't get an accurate read. I've had to just set the nearest large city as my home manually and go from there. my city shows up but is inaccurate in the mornings. i have to go in and refresh it to get an accurate read.
Not just you. I have to manually set it too. I'm in albuquerque,nm. Maybe it all depends on location.

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Thanks for the replies. It really wouldn't bother me, but it would be nice if I could use geolocation. I've (as of yet...) got my entire interface compacted on to one home screen, including one BW home/ if that one widget could follow me around everywhere, it would be handy :)
There is a whole stream on problems with the next to last Beautiful Widgets update. update to 3.0.4 and see if that fixes your problem. Mine is now working with the latest update and am using geolocation.
Version 3.0.4? It says I have version, I'm confused.