Battery replacement?


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Sep 2, 2013
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You could remove the rear cover and desolder the contacts yourself, saving $$ by buying the battery and doing the repair yourself.
There are plenty of aftermarket suppliers for batteries, and since I use only a few, the most recent has been the factory outlet store, which sells a large stock of batteries for many devices. They are also low cost, and the ones I have purchased, have provided very good service, in fact, they have been every bit as good as name brand batteries.
Just because a battery might not have a familiar trade marked name embossed on it, does not means the cells are of substandard quality, the products from Motorola are also made in China, like the aftermarket batteries, they simply lack the name.
I performed a test on one battery for my Droid X, a BH6X battery, listed at 1,880 mAh, the current capacity 5 months after use was 1,920 mAh, tested twice, I think this is my personal proof and validation that my selection was a good one. I will not hesitate to buy as long as I can obtain as good, or better capacity from batteries purchased through the above-named supplier. Of course, YMMV.

The second pic shows the cell origin of an OEM Motorola battery, China, the same place the aftermarket battery is made.
Droid X battery (high cap.)
Droid 2 battery (OEM standard)