Basics Of Backup And Restore Via TWRP


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Mar 28, 2013
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We’ve all been there before. Get this fantastic Android device and realize all it can do once you’ve rooted it. It’s overwhelming. The first step, however, is creating a good backup. A backup can save you from the messiest of situations. Essentially, it brings you right back to where your phone was when you created it. You should be sure the phone is in a good state as well. You don’t want to create a backup when you have issues with apps or system issues. That’s not helpful. David Bettner touched on the recovery system I’m using in this video, last week.

Generally speaking, most root tutorials also include how to install recovery. I use TWRP, as it was the first to be touch enabled. Makes it much easier to navigate on phones with no on screen buttons, such as the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4. After you get root, and verify your system is still stable, this is the time to create a backup. And this is exactly what this video provides.

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