Bad Battery life/Running hot


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Jun 4, 2010
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So I flashed BAMF Paradigm 2.3 about a week ago. I love all the little tweaks, but I've found it to run pretty hot most of the time I'm doing relatively simple stuff like browsing a single tab in Chrome. And I reset battery stats and calibrated right after installation, but I'm only getting about 10 hrs throughout a day where I barely even use it... And right after I unplug it from the charger, within a few minutes of using it it drops right to 98%... I'm thinking I might want to switch away from the stock kernel, but I have no idea which one. Anybody have any kernel suggestions? Verizon LTE Nexus, BAMF Paradigm 2.3
I run it with franco. Did you verify your download? My phone gets hot while browsing but I get great battery life.
Have you checked if any services are eating up the battery unnecessarily? My stock Nexus was going through it's battery at a pretty quick rate for a while (about 10 hours)...then I found the Exchange Service was taking up 50% or more of the battery all day because it was "stuck." It still gets "stuck" but I manage to "unstick" it and then the battery life is normalized.
You're going to have to find out which kernel works best for your phone. Each phone reacts to each kernel differently.

For example, Tgyberg gets great battery life with Franco. I've tried all the versions of Franco, official and nightly, all of them performed nowhere near what other users were getting. Could it be the apps I have and my settings? Maybe, but the point is, I wasn't getting what I was expecting so I switched. Even to this day I'm still experimenting with kernels. The kernel I'm on now has worked great for me, but lately has been acting up (draining well over 35% overnight), so I may be due for a new kernel.

That being said, when I was using Franco's kernel, it was great, just not getting the expected performance out of it for me. It was stable and never had a hiccup.
I should have mentioned that I had the same luck with the BAMF rom kernel as well. Franco just runs a bit quicker for me and I'm a speed freak!