Backup Assistant Plus Popup when connecting via USB


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Jul 25, 2014
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HTC One M8
Whenever I plug my phone into my PC I always get two quite annoying popups.

One is a popup asking me if I want to install "software available that will help your Android phone communicate with your PC", IE Backup Assistant Plus

and a website popping up in my browser,, which is another query to install Backup Assitant Plus and a video as well.

I have my phone set to do nothing when I plug it in. I have seen other threads for other phones saying that there is a tool tray icon you can click on to disable it but I have no icon when I am connected. This happens whether I have sync manager installed or not, whether that makes any difference. I am not sure if this is exclusively to Verizon, since their logo is in the popup. I was able to disable this once before but I reformatted my computer recently and forgot what I did. I think it was deleting something in the registry maybe but it was a long time ago. Any ideas? Thanks.