AT&T Announces Moto X Update with Camera Improvements & More Rolling Out Now


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Dec 30, 2010
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The Moto X on AT&T is about to get a new update, according to AT&T themselves. This new update started rolling out today, and includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. One of the primary changes includes enhancements to the camera. Here's the full press statement from AT&T with all the details,

Beginning Oct. 4, customers with an AT&T Moto X will be able to download a new software update that includes several significant enhancements.

The update will boost the core functions of the phone while enhancing the already-robust user experience of the Moto X smartphone.

New Moto X upgrade includes:

Camera enhancements:
  • Enhanced camera auto-white balance performance and color accuracy.
  • Improved exposure when taking photos outside or backlit, and improved clarity in low light.
  • Faster touch-to-focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing in low light or scenes with continuous motion.
  • Faster response and improved accuracy when using Touchless Control and easier set up and training of the “Ok Google Now” trigger.
  • Enhanced transfer of content from old phone to new phone using Motorola Migrate.
  • Fine-tuned feature that allows you to find phone when it is lost that sometimes prevented a lost phone from reporting its location.
  • The customizable version of Moto X is the first smartphone designed by you, assembled in the USA and only available at AT&T.
For a successful install, we recommend the phone have at least a 50 percent charged battery.

If you have a Moto X, you should see a notification that your update is available for download. Follow the prompts to download and install it. You can also got to the Settings icon in the apps menu > About Phone > System updates > Download > Install, once installed your phone will re-start automatically. For more information please visit AT&T Software Updates - Update cell phone software for AT&T Smart Phones

Enjoy the updates!

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Your move Verizon.

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Who in their right mind would buy moto x on Verizon when you can get droid maxx for almost same price?
I do have the maxx... Camera still needs some love.

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My understanding was decent hardware(not the best out there) but software tweaks could improve it.

Mind you I know nothing. At least I know I know nothing?

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Who in their right mind would buy moto x on Verizon when you can get droid maxx for almost same price?

Me!!!! lol. I personally do not like the design of the droid line and prefer the more stock android feel of the Moto x.
It does feel nice in hand.

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