Astro file manager problem.


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Apr 8, 2012
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Ok, so I downloaded an app via the web, extracted it, transferred it to my phone, put it on sd/android/data(like the website said)

It all transferred over great. Now I go into the newly updated astro and find the file folder. With the old astro you would select the file and hit install. I click on the folder I want and there's no install? Just rename, move, copy, etc

I'm so confused. The folder itself looks like a folder and has a bunch of folders inside itself. Is that why it won't download?
An Android app has a .apk filename extension. You should not have to unpack that to install it.
What was the extension of the file you downloaded from the website?
As always, be very cautious of dubious websites serving dubious apps.

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Im not sure what extension the app had. Its a whole folder of like 500 plus items to run the app itself. I cant figure out how to install it.