Astro as default for media gallery


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Aug 19, 2010
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I have Astro on my Droid X. I tried to set a wallpaper from the media gallery using Astro but accidentally set Astro as the default action. How can I set it back to access the media gallery rather than Astro?

Also, it seems like I can't set a wallpaper from Astro - it just hangs and then force closes. Anyone have this same problem?

Sorry I don't know enough about the X to say how you can remove the default from Astro. But you can still reach your gallery without using Astro, correct? You should be able to work with it that way.
Yes, that still works...thanks!

Also, I just loaded Wallswitch and find that much easier to use for "custom" wallpapers.
i downloaded astro so i could make a new file for some pictures when i went to put them in the file they are mia and not on my sd card. what do i do???????