Asti Media Player


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Dec 16, 2012
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Northern NY (Qc, Vt border)
I was using the Asti media player for playing .mp4's on my Droid Razr M until recently. I loved the app as it would play my media continuously from the folder (it would play from file to file). Or I could have it on shuffle and it would automatically shuffle all media. I believe that a movie I d/l'd was currupt and messed up my SD card as I could not delete the .mp4. I have tried numerous options to fix the card, even tried to reformat it and that would not work either (this is a 64 GB, C10 card). All media is still accessible on this card, though I still can not delete anything from the card. It acts like it deletes it, then when refreshed, it is all back again........


I removed the App, then bought a new card, put the media back on (not the suspected file), and d/l'd the app again (Asti Media Player). Now I have a problem. When I use the player (asti media player), it only plays one file, then stops and I have to select another file to play. It will not do continuous.

I am curious if anyone else out here has experience with this player? Or do you know of a player that play files continuously?

Thanks for any help!