apps wont load?


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Dec 22, 2010
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My phone suddenly stopped being able to send and recieve text messeges, so then i restarted it. When i turned it on again all the apps that i installed that would startup on the phone startup had a popup saying app was not responding and needed to be force closed. then all my recent contacts were gone too, thankfully i had the contacts backed up.

when my phone first started it said soemthing about update 3.XXXX idk for sure, i just remember the update and 3. i didnt pay a lot of atention because i didnt think my phone would be messed up.

The apps that i had moved to my sd card don't show at all(just the little android guy on a white background), however they are still in the.android_secure folder as .asec. The apps that are on phone memory will start, but then immediately stop, or say application must be force closed because it isn't responding.

Nearly all contacts were gone, only ones i still had were the ones from the cellebrite vcard file from when i first switched my phone over.

My messages settings were reset to default. alll of my history on my browser and my bookmarks were deleted back to default also.

my phone was not rooted, hadn't done anything that would be questionable for it.

this is all the information i can think of right now. Any help to be able to access my apps and or bring my phone back to what it was before would be greatly appreciated, i can provide any more information if someone would need it to help me.:)