Apps won't install following root


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Jan 29, 2011
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Please help. I got my new droid x today, installed z4root, then titanium backup pro, backed up all the apps on my phone, froze the ones I knew I wouldn't use like skype mobile, and the madden football, turned the phone off, turned back on, went to the market to install simple apps like I had on my old android and it won't install anything. It looks like it starts to download (up the in notification bar) then just disappears. I have went back into titanium backup defrosted everything, turned the phone off, took the battery out, removed the SD card, turned the phone back on, tried to install apps again, and it's doing the same thing. do i need to uninstall z4root or titanium back? does anyone know what's wrong? is my phone broken? please help!

Please don't cross post the same thread in different sections - just be patient, people will help. I will have this thread closed, as myself and others are responding in your other thread.

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ok sorry never posted before and wasn't sure where the right place was