Apps and Widgets being installed on SD Card


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Rescue Squad
Sep 26, 2010
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I recently discovered that an app called "Apps2SD" was showing apps and widgets installed on the phone, while the phone (in Settings/Applications/Manage Applications) was showing those apps and widgets installed on the SD Card. I know that widgets being installed on the SD Card is a no-no, or they will disappear after a reboot.

So I uninstalled Apps2SD, and just as a test, I downloaded a battery widget from the Market and when I went into Settings/Applications/Manage Applications, it showed that the widget I had just downloaded was installed on the SD Card. I have been through all the phone settings, and I cannot find a setting for it to either install them on the phone or give me a CHOICE to send it to the SD Card. I'm on a rooted Droid 2.

Can someone point me to the setting to correct this? Thanks!