Apple to join the 'Toxic Hell Stew'


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Nov 22, 2011
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You know what really grinds my gears? Hypocrites.

*I will iterate that these opinions are my own and I cannot speak on the side of Apple.

Tom Cook is hinting that Apple Music was a way to 'test the waters' with Apple Apps coming to Android if 9to5 Mac is to believed. Based on that, one can infer there may be more to come. Although, I have a feeling with how many Apple Apps are received by the onslaught of one-star reviews that it may be a passing fancy for Cook.

I honestly don't mind the change of scenery to the Play Store and it's great we can welcome other platforms. This will also prevent the whole, "well I have a lot of money invested in music." It is just hypocritical to call a platform too overcrowded and now you want to join it. Feels like politics instead of running a company.

What does the Android community think about this? Would you welcome services like iCloud and apps like Garageband?

Source: Engadget: Tim Cook hints more Apple apps could come to Android. Tim Cook hints more Apple apps could come to Android
I feel like this is them jumping on the train that Microsoft has been the conductor of for a little while now. MS saw the benefit of having apps available on Android, to the tune of paying a tidy sum for some of their more recent acquisitions.

I welcome anyone to the Play Store that brings a quality app. I didn't bother to try Apple Music, because I'm happy with Google Play Music and am used to how to navigate it and do all of the things I want to do with it. But, I hear it wasn't the most polished app in the world when it first launched on Android (or iOS for that matter?). If they want to follow Material Design guidelines and etc. and make quality Android apps, I'd be happy to have them enter the ring, but if they're going to pull half-measures and not really put forth the best apps possible, I don't think they'll get traction.

There will always be people who have just switched from Apple to Android (at least for the foreseeable future. This goes both ways.), so easing that transition would be great. And I doubt those kinds of folks, or even folks who aren't as "emotionally" invested in Android as some of us may be will care about crappy ratings when all they say is nonsense or is just Apple bashing. I could be wrong, but I think they'd do pretty well, even if it takes them a little while for people to give some of their apps a chance.
Options are always good. This will persuade more people to switch to android since they will be able to bring their files with them even though their service is obsolete and inferior.
Quality apps on both sides are welcomed ...I'm using some of my favorites on iOS now ...and peeps that want to jump to Android should feel as comfortable in using their go to apps as well ...

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It's pretty smart business. No matter which platform of portable device, Apple still gets a piece of the cash cow.

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