[APP] Vestige Brings Moto X Touchless Control To Any Android


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you love the Touchless Control from the Moto X you can now have it for your device. You can now control your device without lifting a finger. Developer "Hero" has been developing this app for over a year now. This uses gesture control without root.

"Vestige is a new way of handling tasks in Android. While not a launcher replacement app, it can be used to launch any application and perform a variety of actions on your device. You can quickly perform any action by drawing a user-assigned gesture on the trace pad or by speaking a single word or phrase. Originally the app was designed to be a voice command only app, but we realized that many people generally do not talk to their phone. To solve this, Vestige evolved to include personalized gesture mapping giving you the ability to perform tasks you would normally do with your voice with just a flick of your finger."

Features include voice recognition, user-defined gesture control, and encrypted user data. There are a handful of other features in the works including cloud storage, additional custom command options, and suspended gesture control. The best part is it is totally free.

Via Play Store