App Launcher For Your Android Wear Device


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Oct 6, 2011
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Everyone is gobbling up the latest in Android Wear devices. Personally I am waiting on the Moto360 which in my opinion is the sleekest looking Android watch around. One of the most common complaints from those of you that have already used either the G Watch or the Galaxy Gear is the fact that it can be quite difficult to find and open apps on these devices. You end up having to remember the exact name of the app, and scroll through list to find and then launch it. What these devices need is a standard app launcher. The "Wear Mini Launcher" provides just that. Wear Mini launcher is designed to launch any app from anywhere. It should be noted that this app is brand new and there may be a few bugs at first. Don't worry the developer "Nicolas Pomepuy" will have those ironed out in short order. Head to the play link below for the free download.


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