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Mar 14, 2010
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For some reason apps are being killed randomly without notice. At first I thought it was the automatic task killer i had installed but I uninstalled this and the problem persists. The killing happens when the screen is off but not exclusively.

The apps that it is really annoying me with are:
Music Player

I use these apps constantly and though widgetlocker restarts the others dont.
To emphasis the problem i can rarely continue listening to music while the screen is off and get only about half of my texts notified by handcent

Please help
i solved my problem from another post:

Okay people, I had the same problem as you before, what the problem is, is that our phones don't have enough memory to run gingerbread without important apps closing, such as if you open the browser, the launcher will get killed, or in this case you open a memory intensive app and it kills the messaging app, oh no! Well what I did to fix this is I went and flashed primes De-primed kernal, went into settings-Cyanogenmod settings-Performance, turned off surface dithering, turned on purging of assets, turned compcache to 26% (varies from phone to phone), locked home in memory, then (only if you use the stock messaging app) locked messaging in memory, turned Vm heap size up to 40, then went to the market downloaded swapper2, set that to 32mb swap file, set to 10 swappiness. I've noticed swapper2 doesn't quite work if you try and use it, it will glitch out and not work correctly, just reboot your phone and it should create and use the file fine. Pretty much fixed all my problems with apps closing missing messages.
Edit: Oh yeah I also put the supercharger script into effect on my phone. Never had it run better

Apparently there is a more in-depth and more efficient method here:
[UPDATE 4!] V6 SuperCharger !! HTK & BulletProof Launchers! ALL ANDROID MEMORY FIXES! - xda-developers