APP [Icon Theme] Stark by KovDev


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Oct 6, 2011
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Stark by "KovDev" has to be one of the cleanest icon packs ever! The Icons in the pack are all high resolution, and they are great for minimal setups. Each app is squared off. Some icons are blown up within the square to give each icon a unique, custom appearance. Some icons have a whole new appearance all together within the square. The icons are flat, and look super polished. There are over 1025 icons in the pack. This app is being updated constantly with new app icons. There are also 12 custom wallpapers included. This works on just about any custom launcher. It has been tested and is known to work on Apex, ADW, Action Launcher Pro, Nova, Holo, and Go Launchers. Stark includes a theme dashboard that allows you to quickly and easily apply the elements of the theme to your launcher.

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Nice, installed and liking it. Finally found one that pulled me away from my Vintage icon set, really love that one too.
If you like that I would also recommend an icon pack called Minimal UI by KXNT in the play store. Great looking icons and updated very frequently

Here are some icons: