[APP] FastMeteo




I post this thread to present my free application meteo named FastMeteo. It is already available on market to the following adress : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.app.fastmeteo .

FastMeteo lets you to get meteo of your current city thanks to GPS or network localization eventually. For city, forecasts meteos informations are available. Besides, FastMeteo allows you to follow meteo for your favorites cities and to display them in a world map which you can display temperature or meteo icon.

Moreover, FastMeteo has a killer functionnality (I think :biggrin:) that is to display meteo map for countries or continents. A large number of countries are avaiblables. In theses maps, meteos informations for main cities are displayed like temperature, wind direction and speed and meteo icon following user choice from menu of FastMeteo.

To conclude, FastMeteo has 2 widgets (4x1 with simple informations for your current city or a more detailed widget in 4x2 format) to display meteo in fast way in home screen.

I would like feedback and why not ideas to improve FastMeteo.

Thanks by advance for your feedbacks.