APE Text Entry App for Gear S


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Sep 5, 2010
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$1.99 on the Gear Store.
Ok first question. Why bother? Even with swiping capability on a 2" screen let's just say it's interesting at best so an alternative is to write it out like handwriting on paper is a very nice thing to have if you don't want to talk to your watch.
Why this one? Instead of trying to recognize individual handwriting styles it uses basic letter forming styles but in certain areas of the screen. The screen shots later will elaborate on this.
Why columns and grids? Again with a little practice it makes excellent sense to minimize errors since we all have out unique lettering skills. A straight line in the far right column is a number 1, in the far left grid it's an i, in the center it an up or down depending on if you side straight up or down is one example.
I am VERY slow and have a VERY hard time with anything new and different and I was writing out sentences ,very quickly ,in under half an hour. I just had to look at the screen shot examples I took from their website a few times and then remember what it was like going over lettering just a couple of years back with my youngest. I'm already faster on it than I am with swiping on the watch and I've been swiping well over a year and a half.
I'm sure there are a ton more why should Is and the the reviews aren't all 5s. Those that aren't a 5 are ones who didn't want to do the learning curve and those 5s are the ones that gave it a chance.
Once AW2.0 comes out it'll be a native feature on AW watches but will probably rely on learning handwriting vs the grids of this one does. Either way it's a whole lot easier than a tiny keyboard, whether tapping or sliding, and will be another alternative for those that don't want to talk to their watch.
It works on any Tizen app that uses a keyboard, also unlike any other aftermarket keyboard app for Tizen.
As write it shows what the keyboard thinks you want entered in the lower right area, as it enters it, and if that's not what you want a quick right to left in the center grid deletes the erroneous entry. There is a learning curve but there's also a cheat in the form of pictures (guys like pictures better than words anyway) on their website to make the curve shorter.
ABC lettering

Numbers and symbols

Special and others

By the end of the day I plan on being fluent in writing multiple sentences and paragraphs but right now I'm the fastest ,by far ,at using the delete (back) gesture.
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