AOKPs Latest Nightly Brings A Few New Features!


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Oct 6, 2011
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AOKP had quite a long run as the 2nd most popular rom. They were second only to CyanogenMod for several months. They gained their popularity with innovative features and endless customization options. While they have seen a small decline in popularity, they are still releasing regular releases, and they still support just about every device under the sun with an unlocked bootloader. Their nightlies are not released every night, but tend to be a bit more stable. The latest nightly was released October 18th and does add a few new features. The main feature that has been added is an option to double tap the notification bar to turn off the screen. The new nightly also brings improvements in the Theme manager, button backlight customization options, a soft reboot feature, and camera manual focus. Head to the link below for the full changelog and download links.