Anyone with Time Warner Cable SignatureHome?


Jan 17, 2010
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Just signed up for it today.
Time Warner Cable is coming out Wednesday to install it.

2 All House Networked DVRs (160 hours of recording time each and all the TVs in the house can watch whatevers recorded on either).
2 Playback boxes (to watch cable/DVR'd shows in the bedrooms). We'll be able to set our DVRs from the internet/smart phones.
The ability to go back 3 days in the past and watch something you missed.
Digital Phone - Nationwide unlimited calling. (We gave up our land line a while back, but I guess we'll be getting a new one).
The new Docsis 3.0 Wideband Internet Modem/Wirless A/B/G/N Router w/ up to 13 wireless devices hooked to it.
50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. I'm now getting 9.4 down and 512K up.
I'm adding in Showtime/Movie Channel package.
$16.73 a month more than our current cable/internet bill and we don't currently have the phone service. Everyone with TW that's involved with SignatureHome seems really knowledgeable and courteous. (A first w/ TW, I gotta admit).

Anyway I know there are tons of RR haters, but it's the only choice I've got. I'm pumped.
Anyone got this package?