Any System Panel Users have holes in history?


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Jul 9, 2010
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Operating a D1 here still @ 2.1 I'm running th app "System Panel" probably nothing however when I look at th history graph I find holes in the time line looking as if the device its monitoring (mine) is unplugged and shut off when its not. I understand task killers & I haven't killed a single app in about a month, just letting Android do what it dose. I thought maybe its normal either the way the app runs or the device itself. Everything runs fine. Battery lifes about the same as it's ever been. What I'm saying is if the devise is 1) on 2) plugged in and 3) not in use I figured after waking it & checking the history I would see a solid line back 2 the last time it was unplugged from the charger. Also in these holes Its a hole across all 3 graphs Battery, Device Usage & CPU Activity. Any thoughts? icon:normal?

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