any more droids with keyboards?


Feb 14, 2010
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I'm with verizon, and I am eligible for a new phone in october. I currently have the original moto droid 1 and i have always used the keyboard. as I see the new phone roll out, none of them have a physical keyboard anymore.

Has LG, motorola, HTC, samsung, etc in general stopped making smartphones with physical keyboards?
Yes. Most of the smartphones are now with no physical keyboard. They are weird at first and then you will get used to them fast.

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i'm so used to typing without having to look at my phone.. i can't do it right with my ipod or even my droid's virtual keyboard, not even with spell check..

i guess all hope is lost for me :icon_ cry:
Virtual keyboards aren't for everyone.

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Droid 3 has pretty much one of the only keyboards on a new smartphone, other then old samsungs coming out (other then I think the GS2 for sprint?)
oh i thought the droid 3 didn't come with a keyboard. No 4g though..

man choosing a new phone is so much trouble. can't have everything. such is life
I heard that samsung will come out with a new phone for verizon just like the epic 4g from sprint choosing a new phone is so much trouble. can't have everything. such is life
I have SwiftKey X on my Droid 2 and haven't used the physical keyboard since. Predicts words, helps with spelling, faster than using physical keyboard. Next phone definitely will NOT have a "real" keyboard.
The droid 3 is your phone. That is if you want a physical keyboard at the expense of processor speed and 4g

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I was waiting for a droid with a keyboard too. I'm glad I bit the bullet and went with the bionic. The other benefits out weigh the keyboard. Esp with the big screen for the virtual keyboard and so many bad reviews on the D3.

I've not tried it with connectbot/putty yet. But I expect it won't be as big a deal as when I need to do real work I connect my laptop anyway. And 4G makes that a wonderful experience.

I do wish there were arrow keys on the v. keyboard

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