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Jun 23, 2011
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So, this morning I woke up to a dead phone. Great. No big deal. Except the fact that when I plug it in it sits at the Big M logo and doesn't move from there. I tried wiping cache and doing a factory reset and they didn't do anything. I don't have any access to the boot strap recovery from here and anytime I try to reflash my rom through android recovery it fails. I have also tried to SBF but it gives me the battery too low error. I can't get access to a new battery until tomorrow but if there is a way to get me going tonight that'd be great. VZW said that my phone is covered til next May but the problem is I'm rooted and have the GB update that isn't yet available to my area.. I might see if they have a battery I can use but I don't see that being very likely.

Thanks in advance!