Android Task Manager..


May 16, 2011
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New Jersey
Hey guys,

Can anyone tell me if the Android Task Manager (that pops up when you hold the home button) actually closes the apps when you tell it to "Remove from list"? I ask because I noticed that my CPU is always running around 80+% and when I check the task manager, alot of apps I thought I closed still seem to be running and when I choose to remove them from the list and then reopen the task manager, I often find them relisted in the open apps. For example, the default camera app which I use alot, I notice that is always in this list even though I close it and remove it from the list. There is no reason for this app to run resident on the device so other then using a third party task manger which I do have and use (All-in-one Toolbox) I was hoping to just use the default task manager but Im not thinking it doesnt work to well. OS version ICS 4.0.4.