Android Tablets See Big Gains - Takes a Bite out of Apple's Marketshare


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here is some more market research info to 'chew' on from 'Strategy Analytics'. Their newest report indicates that as of the 4th quarter, Android tablets have gained nearly 10x the marketshare they held in the previous quarter, leaping from 2.3 percent to 22 percent. They 'chomped' that marketshare directly from Apple, as the Apple Tablet PC market fell from 95 percent down to 75 percent. Strategy Analytics predicts that Android tablets will further erode Apple’s lead. Neil Mawston, director at Strategy Analytics said, "If you were to ask me in two years time, will Apple have less than 50 percent of the global tablet market, I think that’s a certainty."

How's that for market-hunger? Android is like Pac-Man, and every Apple product in sight is a 'dot' or ghost'.

Source: via Bloomberg
Wow, thats a huge gain in such a short time. Frankly, its apple's own fault. Hold out on features so you can add them later to so called new products. Yes, they were the first, but that doesn't mean you can do nothing new and stay on top.