Android System Usage


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Jul 25, 2010
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Was just messing around with my phone and went into power usage. My phone is reading:
Android System 96%
Cell Standby 2%
Phone Idle 2%

I have read on some threads that people are having there Android System using less than 20%. What is causing mine to be 96%?
Android System is the Android OS....
Yeah I know that! I am looking for answers as to why my system usage is so high compared to other users. I just read on another forum that if you turn the phone off it will get better. Thats not really a solution to me. But to humor myself I turned my phone off, and now it is reading:
Android OS 38%
WiFi 19%
Cell Standby 19%
Phone Idle 13%
Display 11%
The number went down because there are other processes requiring the CPU which in turn effects the percentage of power usage for each process.

If you closed all of the running programs, and were just left with what you had originally (AndOS and the standy shiz) it'll give you the same reading most likely, give or take a few %.