Android Mascot Is A Dancin' Fool



Android mascot is a dancin' fool

[video=youtube;rTUwqxHpXMY]"]YouTube - Android on[/video]

We've been giving Android phones a fair bit of love in recent days. But take one look at this prancing mascot and ask yourself, can you blame us? This frantic android is almost mesmerizing with its spastic movements. Dance, inflated green cylinder, dance!
This video comes from Taiwan, but frankly I'm hoping this android takes its show on the road. My favorite part (besides everything) is when the little guy pulls a James Brown at 1:27, lying down on stage before popping back up for more.

Source: CBS News

oh man i did not expect anything like that, the way he stays so upright is hilarious
Is that a person or a really well programmed robot O.O