Android M Preview #2


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Looks like the newest preview of Android M is here. If you flash it, let us know what you think

Link to preview
Downloads Android Developers

"Some of the highlights to the update include:

*Modifications to platform permissions including external storage, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth location, and changes to contacts/identity permissions. Device connections through the USB port are now set to charge-only mode by default. To access the device, users must explicitly grant permission.

*API Changes:
Updated Bluetooth Stylus APIs with updated callback events. View.onContextClickListener and GestureDetector.OnContextClickListener to listen for stylus button presses and to perform secondary actions.

Updated Media API with new callback InputDevice.hasMicrophone() method for determining if a device microphone exists.

*Fixes for developer-reported issues:
TextInputLayout doesn't set hint for embedded EditText.

Camera Permission issue with Legacy Apps"-source Android Developers Blog M Developer Preview Gets Its First Update

Tapped from a Nexus 6