Android L's Final Name May Have Been Outed as 'Licorice'


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

A man named Giovanni Calabrese has been sending out cryptic messages which indirectly suggest that "Licorice" might be the final name for Google's Android L OS. The reason we may want to pay attention to this is because he is the the head of sculpting firm Themendous, which designed several of the large Android sculptures for Google's front lawn previously.

One of his Google+ messages was this: “I never had a great liking for Licorice, but damn! There are some great flavors out there!” Another was, "What's with all the boxes of licorice?" That last one happened while he was boarding a plane to fly to Google’s headquarters. He said he was asked by the Travel Security Administration why he had so many boxes of licorice in his carry on. He also claimed that he handed out boxes of licorice to people at the boarding gate.

While this could be a fancy trick to deflect our attention from the real name when announced, it seems more likely that he was given permission to start teasing the name. What do you think?

Source: Google+ - Giovanni Calabrese