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Aug 14, 2012
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Kronos and all its kingdoms have slipped into the state of carnage. The evil forces outnumbering the peacekeepers have severly damaged kingdoms defenses. With the defenders down, the Kings of Kronos have helplessly given up hope of protecting their citizens.
Kronos's only hope lies within your hands.Take charge of The Last Defender and an arsenal of deadly weapons to thwarth the very source of evil.
This Casual CastleDefense/RPG consists of:
--4 different weapon which can be unlocked/upgraded from the store. Each weapon has its own speciality and must be used tactfully.
• Kings Bow: Quick, Does a moderate amount of damage. Ideal for smaller minions.

• Boulders: Deals good damage and knocks back enemies.Slower than Kings Bow

• Mace ball: Travels complete length of battlefield damaging any enemy unfortunate enough to lie on its path.

• Bomb: High damage and has an area of effect.
--Unleash superpowers such as HellRain, Frost, TornadoRampage to shake the very foundations of evil overlords.
• HellRain: Rains fire from the skies which furiously explodes removing signs of life from the battlefield.

• Frost:Ice spikes which damage and freezes everything in the battlefield for a brief duration.

• Tornado:Summon a violent and fearsome tornado to drive away enemies dealing high damage.
--Tons of enemy monsters from goblins to dragons with 3 mighty boss types.
--Intriguing and addicting storyline.
3 Kingdoms
--Over 30 detailed levels each more daunting.
--3 detailed level designs with eye candy effects.
--Tons of fun and ideal for quick play sessions.
May the power of the Ancients guide you, Defender.

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