Android-Based Facebook-Focused Phone in Works from INQ


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Dec 30, 2010
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The company INQ is working on an Android-based phone called the Cloud Touch, that will be designed specifically around Facebook. It's focus will be to facilitate an easier and better smartphone Facebook experience. A widget displays status updates, albums, videos and photos, and the homescreen has multiple ways to access different Facebook functions. No official word as yet for when or what carrier this phone will appear, but it looks intriguing for the Facebook fanatics. Ultimately though it seems like some programming genius could just create a custom app or UI overlay for the market that will do what this phone will do... What do you guys think?

Source: Bluetooth SIG via Phonearena
It would make more sense to do it with a app or theme/ID via market

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as me and another person mentioned on droid life, does helio ring a bell anyone?
They should just revamp the facebook app and make it beast for all android users
Anybody that spends so much thime on fb that they need a fb phone needs to get a life and probably a good beating .